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"Once again, many thanks to you for our lovely wine tour of the Mosel Valley. Because of the great weather, we were able to take home lots of great impressions of the area, the vineyards and the picturesque villages. We were impressed by your extensive knowledge of winemaking in the area, pleased to meet the various winemakers and the fact that a good Riesling can taste fantastic."

Angelika and Horst Gramer (Soehlde, Germany, 6.11.2013)


"My fiance and I had a fantastic time visiting the Ahr Valley on a full day guided tour. Colin was a wonderful tour guide! Having an English speaking guide who knew the language and the area was priceless for two Canadian visitors like ourselves!"

Debbie and Alex (Ontario, Canada 15.10.2012)


"... We were very satisfied and we will recommend you and your service further."

Sofia Mota (Hamburg, Germany 09.10.2012)


"We loved the Loire Valley! Thanks for giving us the tools to explore the region - it was exactly what we needed."

Lena Licata (New Jersey, USA 07.06.2012)


"Crowned by great weather, your itinerary lead us through our very successful wine discovery tour in Fruili."

Daniela Krumbholz (Vienna, 04.06.2012)


"We had an amazing time, mostly due to hidden-wineries. Honestly, I do not know if I will ever want to travel anywhere that you have information about without your advice! The hotel was perfect and the restaurant was a hit. We would have never meet the people we did, or see the towns we did without your advice. It was off the beaten path, and not something one would have found without knowing where to look. Your ability to match accommodations to our desires made the trip relaxing and enjoyable. That was the final thing that took your services from great to above outstanding."

Alyssa Kelleher (Germany, 21.02.2011)


"Thank you very much for the recommendations you put together for us. We had a great day in the wineries and really enjoyed talking to the Mosel wine makers. All of them spent some time with us and gave us some insights into regional winemaking and let us taste their best wines (for free!). We especially liked the third winery for superb wines and the winemaker at the second winery for explaining the background of all the quality standards".

Irina Gorbarenko (Singapore, 8.11.2010)


"Your itinerary, which was well done, was helpful & we will use your services again."

Wayne Schierbaum (Aiken SC, 12.06.2010)


"To improve our knowledge of German white wines, we decided to take an accompanied wine tour in the Mittelrhein region with 'hidden-wineries'. It was a brilliant day with great wines from excellent wineries at very reasonable prices, exquisite food in typical settings and well informed and friendly guides."

Eugene and Myra Owens (Westport, 28.5.2009)


"Recommendations for our second wine trip with 'hidden-wineries', this time to Baden for an extended weekend, were as excellent as for the first one to Palatinate (Pfalz). As before, the wineries chosen more than met our wildest expectations."

Paul and Melissa Vlek (Bonn, 5.5.2009)


"hidden-wineries" also creates wine menus:

"The assistance and advice from 'hidden-wineries' in developing the wine menu for my recently opened bistro 'Parlez-vous gourmet?' in Cologne, was invaluable. Good wines from various regions, from largely unknown winemakers and at reasonable prices was their remit and this they fulfilled (including the procurement) with bravour. The wines sold so well that only after a few weeks I had to reorder!"

Annie Glémet – 'Parlez-vous gourmet?' (Cologne, 22.10.2008)


"We had a wonderful time and a great holiday. The château accommodation was perfect and we found some great wines."

Fiona Sharrock (Amersham, 28.7.2008)


"Just a note by way of feedback regarding tour to Alsace. Had a great time! Accommodation, Food and Vineyard recommendations were great."

Oliver Fitzgerald (Dublin, 7.10.2007)


"We have often tasted very good wines on the recommendation of the 'hidden-wineries' people. With their wine tours they manage to find dedicated winemakers who sell at reasonable prices.That was an asset, especially on our wine holidays to Burgundy! Their matching hotel and restaurant recommendations were excellent and we enjoyed every day of it."

Klaus and Uli Seifert (Bonn, 17.3.2007)


"A wine tour in Palatinate (Pfalz) with experts like 'hidden-wineries' is like doing the Paris culinary tour with the authors of the Michelin guide. Highly targeted, the best wines or the best ambience to taste the wines and often both. No disappointments, and paced with distractions in the countryside or in fine restaurants so that wine tasting never gets boring or gets the better of you. Well worth it...."

Paul and Melissa Vlek (Bonn, 5.3.2007)




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