Hidden Wineries


Old Building in FranceA personalised wine travel itinerary


We design your  ‘hidden-winery- guide’ based on your personal tastes!


Your wine travel itinerary consists of recommendations comprising the following three areas:


  1. Hidden-wineries - using our experience, contacts and first-hand knowledge, we recommend winemakers in the various wine regions and countries, who are known to us for the quality and value of their wines, concentrating on independent winemakers. According to your wine preferences, we will also recommend which wines to taste!
  2. Accommodation and Food: We make your wine tasting experience special! We also recommend charming “hidden” guesthouses or hotels – as we have stayed in so many - and 'wine matching' regional gastronomy.
  3. Regional attractions: We also design, to your personal taste, the 'time between the wineries'. So, why not enjoy some beautiful scenery, medieval villages, local culture and attractions.

In short: We send you your personalised wine travel itinerary with winery and wine recommendations, addresses, opening hours, contact person, hotel name and the necessary coordinates - you book and drive yourself - (unless you want our special service option below)!



Interested? Contact us free of charge and let us know your preferences!


Special service option:


Our knowledgable English, French and German speaking guide services are an additional option you can choose, either in your car or ours! At the moment this option is only available for France and Germany.



Who are our services for?


Our tailor made services are for those who enjoy wine and its culture, from the complete amateur to the accomplished wine lover. It’s for those who would like to spend some time discovering and tasting wine where it is made – either as self-drive programme or as guided ‘hidden-winery tour’. It’s for those, who do not wish to waste time when they get there (wine villages can have as many as 20 or 30 different wineries), but who still would like to travel individually. It’s for those who want to avoid 'hit and miss', but who do not want to or cannot invest the time for the necessary, but time consuming research.




What makes us different

and individual?


We ensure that you go to the right wineries (your own “Hidden-Wineries”), recommend the specific wines and vintages to taste, selected according to your preferences. We ensure you meet the winemakers, for whom wine is not just a livelihood, but a way of life. We also provide the necessary background information. A personalised wine itinerary for your wine tour from “Hidden-Wineries”, based on our many trips to these regions, is your passport to this fascinating world of culture and tradition. Our motivation is to make sure that your wine discovery tour turns out to be the experience you expect it to be.

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