Hidden Wineries




Our itineraries (see "Service Description") are as simple or as complex as your needs:




1. Our "basic" itinerary contains the complete addresses for three “hidden-wineries”, contact names, visiting times, wines and vintages (according to your preferences) and some background information on the wine of the region. A blueprint for your wine experience in the region of your choice! The price for a "basic" itinerary is 45 € – for an unforgettable day!


2. Our "basic plus" itinerary contains recommendations for “hidden” guesthouses or hotels, restaurants specalising in regional gastronomy, local attractions and culture. They can be added according to your wishes, time and/or budget. The price for our "basic plus" itinerary is available from 60 €.


3. Our guide services (at the moment for France and Germany only) can be based either on “customer-drives” or “chauffeur-driven” alternatives, depending on your wishes. The basic itinerary described above is an integral element of all these guided services. The guided services are subject to availability and are dependent on country, region and duration. Prices start from 250 € per day for Germany and 350 € for France.


Our prices are to cover research time, travel and communication expenses, as we do not make any commissions on your reservations and we have no business contacts or relationships with the establishments that we recommend. Our services are based solely on our own personal experience.


All prices are in Euros and subject to the effective currency exchange rates.


Please contact us and let us know what we can do for you! Let us know your individual wishes and we will present you with your customised package tailored to your needs. Of course, all inquiries are free of charge.



"Wine is bottled poetry" .


Robert Louis Stevenson

(1850 - 1894)