Hidden Wineries


Landscape in Mercues, FranceA life without wine?


Hard to imagine - once you have discovered its beauty and its complexity. Having a home in Ireland does not really predestine you for this discovery and for becoming a wine lover. Living in a wine country like Germany with the proximity of France certainly helps. But many of our Irish friends for example started to enjoy our wine evenings and private wine tours - as did our German, Dutch, American and French friends and acquaintances. But most of them either lacked the time to invest in research for their trips or lacked the knowledge. They came to us when they wanted to go on a two day wine tours in Alsace or three day wine tours in Burgundy.


This was when the idea of the personalised services we are offering to you now was born! Individual modules for individual trips. That makes us different from a travel agency, which we are not! We are a wine travel advisory service!

A Wine lover ...


Activities are centred around Colin Bain, wine-consultant and wine lover.

Colin, with his wife Birgit, in Melbourne and Bordeaux

Colin, with his wife Birgit, in Melbourne
Colin and Birgit in Bordeaux